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Category: Kitchen » Kitchen Decorating
Colour is the very powerful source of emotions, the resource of creation of a psychological spirit. By means of colours and shades it is possible to increase or reduce visually a room, to make it lighter or darker, cosier or more officially. The harmony of colour is a key to the success; the incorrectly chosen palette can bring all efforts to nothing, depersonalize even the most original decor.
Colour influences not only our emotions, but also on our health. If the person is surrounded constantly with the sharp, aggressive colours, it leads to that the nervous system is in the constant pressure, and it can cause irritation, anxiety, feeling of fear, moral discomfort, and depression.
Colour of a kitchen
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Category: Living room » Decorating living room
The colour score of the living room completely depends on the chosen style. If it is classicism, the warm shades of red and brown, diluted by dark blue and emerald, prevail in a room. In the case the living room is issued in Baroque style or a rococo, the interior is filled by the soft pastel paints: a heavenly azure, gentle greens and a tea rose. The modern version of these two styles is the French glamour that practically completely copies the colourway of its predecessors with one amendment. Light, just with a hint on a colour, surfaces ceased to be matte; now luster and nacreous shine are fashionable.
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Category: Children room » Decorating baby's room
The design of a nursery demands the observance of some rules. For example, it is impossible to sate a dream zone with the bright invigorating paints: juicy-scarlet, bright orange or bright-yellow. As a whole, non-faded colours are preferable. It is necessary to remember if the child is very young, its mentality gets tired faster under the influence of the sated exciting colour combinations. Besides, there should not be the big areas covered with dark colour in a room: brown wall-paper, black furniture. All this operates depressing on the mentality of the child.
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Category: Marine patterns » Marine patterns in the bedroom
Lowering sky

Dark blue colour is necessary, by the way, first of all in bedrooms. If you only relax and indulge in the rest in a bedroom, soft dark blue colour can strengthens the effect. But for a bedroom combined with a study, more vigorous and bright or, on the contrary, more pale and grey shades of dark blue are inherent.
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Category: Bathroom » Accessories, furniture and bathroom
The colour choice is the defining moment in the design. It subordinates everything to itself: the style, the form, and the mood of the visitor.

Colour creates a psychological sensation – favorable or negative. Differently, colour creates the mood which influences the state of health and even the health of the person in general. The constant influence of aggressive or unpleasant colours to the mentality provokes a depression, causeless nervousness, sensation of feeling uneasy, that can lead to the development of a stressful condition in due course.
Colour of a bathroom
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Category: Red color » The red color in the bedroom
In the different times and among the different people red colour was esteemed as the colour of love and fertility. In the Indian mythology it was considered as the colour of activity and divine creation, therefore the Indian goddess of motherhood was represented in red clothes.
Azure sunset
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Category: Bedroom » Styles for the bedroom
The Indian style of the interior design is the brightest display of the ethnicity. First of all it affects the colour scale. Hindus extremely seldom use the pure-white colour, and they like very much to push together opposite shades. In a basis of the colourway the game of contrasts lays, for example, bright red is combined with deep dark blue and a colour of an egg yolk with black.
Indian style in a bedroom
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Category: Marine patterns » Marine patterns in children's room
Celestial azure

Walls of a children's room are painted in the bright-dark blue colour. One wall is decorated with “waves” of different indigo shades. A bed is from the light tree, decorated with green inserts on a headboard and in a foot.
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Category: Marine patterns » Marine patterns in the bathroom

The person associates a quiet blue colour with freedom, cleanliness, calmness and pacification. But at the same time in an apartment interior it is not necessary to use this cold colour in considerable quantities. It can cause feeling of apathy and indifference.
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