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Baroque in a bathroom

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The Baroque style is perfect for an interior of a spacious bathroom. The essence of this style consists of its name – the word baroque has come from the Italian language and means «strange, freakish».
Baroque in a bathroom

The main motive of Baroque is the sea bowl. Its smooth, roundish outlines are reproduced practically in all details of a decor: in furniture, in a stucco moulding of a ceiling and walls, and in accessories.

The Baroque style recognizes only massiveness; therefore a lot of the free space is necessary. Elaborate complexity of ornaments, smoothness of lines and a gilding abundance are inherent in an interior. Walls are not of the sharp corners – they should be rounded. A typical decor consists of a stucco moulding, bas-reliefs and even the sculptural groups. Vertical surfaces are like created for columns, pilasters, and the big mirrors in the heavy gilt frames.
Baroque in a bathroom

Ceiling in a Baroque style is the list on the centre and the plentiful gilt stucco moulding in the perimeter. Dominating elements of a stucco moulding are the garlands from leaves, curls and fruits. It is desirable to make the floor from a natural stone – a marble tile is used more often.

The independent bath is better. It is necessary to put it in the room centre. A heavy pig-iron bath with the raised back and the shod legs covered with gilding look very greatly. The bowl in the Baroque style represents a deep massive bowl with a convex vegetative relief.
Baroque in a bathroom

In spite of the fact that Baroque is the elaborate style, it is better to have a little furniture: a heavy wooden case, a rack for the dressing gowns and towels.

It is interesting
The Baroque style itself is decorative; therefore it is not necessary to exercise the wit with the accessories. Panels on the wall, a small angular sculpture or a floor vase are quite enough.